Acapulco Mexican Restaurant
4.4 Stars - Based on 7244 User Reviews
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Wonderful food and service! Our server was amazing and super sweet! - 11/25/2023 
Vicki Mangold AvatarVicki Mangold
Staff was very attentive and kind. The food was great. - 11/25/2023 
Doris Howard AvatarDoris Howard
Authentic Mexican cuisine. Everything we ordered was delicious and hot. Decent prices, quick friendly service. Good time. - 11/24/2023 
Rebecca Berna AvatarRebecca Berna
Always delish! We've been coming here for 13 years... - 11/23/2023 
Melissa (Mel) AvatarMelissa (Mel)
I absolutely love this place ❤️ - 11/20/2023 
Adam Morris AvatarAdam Morris
Great place to eat. - 11/18/2023 
AJ Baxter AvatarAJ Baxter
Friendly and efficient, upbeat energy and great food! Great margaritas too - 11/17/2023 
john seals Avatarjohn seals
Great food awesome service decent price - 11/13/2023 
Paola Duran AvatarPaola Duran
Muy buena atencion y buenos precios , recomiendo los tacos de asada y pastor estan muy jugosos y estan bien surtidos 💯 lugar recomendado Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 - 11/10/2023 
Casey Tuggle AvatarCasey Tuggle
Terrific food. I live two states away but have to go to Ohio monthly. I eat lunch here on Tuesday once a month, and it's always great. - 11/09/2023 
Lonnie Halcomb AvatarLonnie Halcomb
Always friendly staff Great food - 11/08/2023 
Marilyn Cook AvatarMarilyn Cook
Went with the group after church on fast service we were all very happy. - 11/07/2023 
david daniels Avatardavid daniels
The food was very good - 11/07/2023 
Chris McFarland AvatarChris McFarland
Great food, awesome service, good prices! - 11/03/2023 
Ric Alcorn AvatarRic Alcorn
Great food, great prices, quick & friendly service. I will definitely be back! - 11/02/2023 
Brian Rudy AvatarBrian Rudy
Amazing margaritas! Best wait staff. Just don't ask for any horchata. - 11/01/2023 
Beverly Snyder AvatarBeverly Snyder
The food was delicious as was the sexy margarita as I remember at Delgados in Virginia. - 10/29/2023 
Olivia Cleary AvatarOlivia Cleary
The biggest margarita 🍹 that I have ever drank! It was so delicious 😋 the food was amazing. An enjoyable atmosphere - 10/27/2023 
Lisa Rogers AvatarLisa Rogers
Excellent chicken fajitas as always. Customer service is superior too. - 10/27/2023 
Rhonda Cornwell AvatarRhonda Cornwell
Food and service were great. - 10/26/2023 
Scott Hughes AvatarScott Hughes
Very friendly, efficient, and tasty. Small bar but perfect for two. We really enjoyed ourselves. Good value! - 10/24/2023 
Rufino Gomez AvatarRufino Gomez
Muy bueno Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 Recommended dishes Quesadilla Rellena - 10/24/2023 
Jason Shaffer AvatarJason Shaffer
Fast service... Big servings... Price was great value like pre covid prices. - 10/21/2023 
Jason Mahaney AvatarJason Mahaney
Great service and quick preparation. Food was great and faster than expected. - 10/20/2023 
Deanna Schraer AvatarDeanna Schraer
See you tomorrow! - 10/20/2023 
Donald Mansmann AvatarDonald Mansmann
Really great food. A HUGE menu. Lots of dishes for me to try. Very reasonable prices. We will be back. I LOVED the Chori Pollo. - 10/16/2023 
Sami Lasley AvatarSami Lasley
Meet family and had dinner, the staff was attentive, friendly and not a bad wait. - 10/16/2023 
Luis Leon Da Silva AvatarLuis Leon Da Silva
Buena atencion Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 - 10/16/2023 
Dano Nano AvatarDano Nano
Very good food. Music was too loud. - 10/15/2023 
Chris Osborne AvatarChris Osborne
Best Mexican food this side of Texas - 10/14/2023 
Bbearhug Thomas AvatarBbearhug Thomas
Great food! They were very fast at taking our order. Very pleasant experience. - 10/11/2023 
Patricia Schorr AvatarPatricia Schorr
The camarones Vallarta are fabulous. Good service, friendly staff, nice ambience. - 10/08/2023 
Fred Henman AvatarFred Henman
Food and service are awesome - 10/08/2023 
Aaron Doll AvatarAaron Doll
Acapulco ? More like acaPOLLO hehe that was a good one wasn't it I just thought of it . Anyways yall should add some rice water to the menu that would be so freaking nice 🙏 🤓👍🏻 - 9/27/2023 
Allie Ritchie AvatarAllie Ritchie
Friendly staff. Nice size lunch portions. - 9/27/2023 
Linda Watkins AvatarLinda Watkins
They are so outstanding their food is excellent - 9/26/2023 
Adam Thornton AvatarAdam Thornton
Alcapulcos is always wonderful! - 9/26/2023 
Melanie Davis AvatarMelanie Davis
Great!! - 9/23/2023 
The Theme Park Evangelist AvatarThe Theme Park Evangelist
Food was incredible! Service was incredibly fast until we got our food then unfortunately our waitress disappeared for a while. Atmosphere was extremely peaceful, quiet and relaxing. - 9/22/2023 
Julie Ratliff AvatarJulie Ratliff
I got takeout, ordered Pollo charro. OMG, it was amazing! 2 large pieces of chicken breast in there and several shrimp. I asked to replace the mushrooms with onions and it was so so good! It also came with a side of beans and rice, generous portion. Also came with salsa and some chips. I will be getting this again very soon! wish I had taken a pic - 9/14/2023 
John Ferrell AvatarJohn Ferrell
Always a great experience! Food and the staff are absolutely amazing. Careful with the Margaritas 😆 - 9/14/2023 
Barbara Grey AvatarBarbara Grey
I was skeptical while opening the front door...but, inside is cute and very festive! Service was quick and pleasant. Most of all, the food is wonderful! Drinks were beautifully served and also delicious. I will be returning! - 9/13/2023 
David Cossentino AvatarDavid Cossentino
Great service and food . Highly recommend it . - 9/13/2023 
Stephanie Crawford AvatarStephanie Crawford
The people here are so nice! The food is amazing! - 9/10/2023 
Daniel Hilderbrand AvatarDaniel Hilderbrand
The best restaurant in xenia - 9/09/2023 
Brieta Robbins AvatarBrieta Robbins
Their shrimp cocktail is like a gapachzo soup with about a dozen or more shrimp, served in a 27oz Maragarita glass. It is absolutely delicious. Great service as always. Sept 2023 Great food, drinks & staff - 9/08/2023 
David Ortwein AvatarDavid Ortwein
Great food and service. The booths need some work, some are worn out and have torn upholstery. The qeusedea's and fajita' s come out piping hot and full of flavor. - 9/08/2023 
Bradley “Hoodly” Hood AvatarBradley “Hoodly” Hood
Awesome Mexican food.awesome staff.i got a giant chimichanga Wow. Leftovers yes! Vegetarian options: Just ask! Kid-friendliness: Kids menu Parking: Easy peasey Wheelchair accessibility: Awesome Dietary restrictions: Just ask. - 9/06/2023 
Roger & Donna Banks AvatarRoger & Donna Banks
Always a great meal. Large portions and great service. - 9/06/2023 
Suzy Godsted AvatarSuzy Godsted
My favorite Mexican restaurant. I have tried many with my friends but this one is the best. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. The service is excellent, food is hot and filling. The value for the money. Make sure you take an Uber or have a DD if you get the V Skinny Margarita. Well worth the mine for the fresh squeezed fruit. - 9/03/2023 
Jacob Minnich AvatarJacob Minnich
My favorite Mexican place in the area. Food is great and the service is fast and friendly. Parking: Always plenty of parking. Can get a little crowded during peak hours - 9/03/2023 
Janel Cole AvatarJanel Cole
Always amazing. Favorite Mexican restaurant near us - 9/02/2023 
jose lebron Avatarjose lebron
Comida excelente y caliente al momento a mi familia le encantó. Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 - 8/30/2023 
Steve Hildebrand AvatarSteve Hildebrand
Great fajitas with great portion sizes! Chips and Salsa is one of the best around! - 8/30/2023 
Nick Altieri AvatarNick Altieri
Had a light meal. Just 2 pork tacos. They were delicious! - 8/30/2023 
Sam Porter AvatarSam Porter
Amazing service and food - 8/23/2023 
Cat Master AvatarCat Master
Had the best quesodillas of my life lol. The food came out really fast, and they didn't skimp on the ingredients! Definitely recommend - 8/17/2023 
Daniel Vanderbilt AvatarDaniel Vanderbilt
The food came impressively fast and was amazing! - 8/15/2023 
Matt Donovan AvatarMatt Donovan
Overall one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area! - 8/13/2023 
Mark Griggs AvatarMark Griggs
Spectacular and delicious - 8/11/2023 
Debby Hurst AvatarDebby Hurst
Had lunch burrito loco. It was huge - took half home and it was delicious! Would order again. Acapulcos is my fave. Its always good! Kid-friendliness: Kids always seem to have a good time. - 8/10/2023 
Siddhesh AvatarSiddhesh
Great service, good food. Overall, it is a really good mexican restaurant. Huge portions. Veggie deep fried chimichanga was huge & nice. Vegetarian options: Good veg options - 8/09/2023 
Sai Komma AvatarSai Komma
Great food and good service - 8/09/2023 
Amy Harris AvatarAmy Harris
A gem to visit for Mexican food in Xenia. Been coming for years. Enchiladas are always a good choice. My husband always gets the quesadilla Acapulco with chorizo, steak, and chicken. Service is extremely quick. Kid-friendliness: It's very family oriented, kids would not be out of place. - 8/06/2023 
león m Avatarleón m
Great food. I had always looked for places like this. Hard to find. Family friendly - 8/05/2023 
Penny Strunk AvatarPenny Strunk
I went there after watching the barbie movie. Food was good. - 8/04/2023 
Rankori AvatarRankori
I had the burrito loco, it was great. I recommend it to anyone - 8/03/2023 
julia timm Avatarjulia timm
Nice little place, the staff was super friendly and prompt when needed anything - 8/01/2023 
Toby AvatarToby
The food was really good they're even compared to most of the Mexican restaurants around. I think it was the grande burrito that I got and it does sound the menu that its large or jumbo or something like that and it certainly is! It is certainly worth the extra couple of dollars over the standard size and it was delicious. Their salsa has a whole lot of cilantro in it which is fine but I'm not really a fan of their chips because they are kind of thick and... read more - 7/30/2023 
whozachdey Avatarwhozachdey
Best Mexican food around. - 7/27/2023 
Jalana James AvatarJalana James
I've never personally dined at this restaurant, however; I do pick up a ton of Doordash deliveries! The atmosphere is upbeat and fun. Customers inside the restaurant always appear to be cheerful with smiles on their faces. The staff goes the extra mile for their customer's dining in and out. I especially appreciate how helpful they are with delivery service drivers picking up orders (not all businesses are friendly with Dashers, etc.). This restaurant speaks for itself! I highly recommend whether you are dining in, picking up carry out, and/or... read more - 7/23/2023 
Michael & Stephany Lapina AvatarMichael & Stephany Lapina
Food was delish! I got the grilled chicken Baja tacos. I can't remember what my husband got, but he said it was delish, too! Service was excellent despite them being quite busy. We would definitely recommend!! - 7/23/2023 
Matt Thomas AvatarMatt Thomas
The Acapulco Taco Salad is amazing. - 7/23/2023 
Edward Current AvatarEdward Current
Awesome, always awesome - 7/23/2023 
Christine Thompson AvatarChristine Thompson
Our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. Food is delicious and quicker to the table than anything I've ever seen. Plenty of staff around taking care of individual tasks which means you get anything you need expediently. Festive atmosphere. It's a bit dimly lit inside which is great if you are going for a romantic experience. There is a small outdoor patio if you want the sunshine. - 7/20/2023 
Russ Araujo AvatarRuss Araujo
We came in with a large family group and asked for the private room. (We have a granddaughter who is very sensitive to sound, so we wanted the relative quiet.) They seated us immediately and gave us excellent service. The food was good - 7/20/2023 
THE FOOD IS ALWAYS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 - 7/16/2023 
Renee Campbell AvatarRenee Campbell
Best Mexican food I've found in the tri state - 7/14/2023 
J eff Patchell AvatarJ eff Patchell
Best Mexican Restaurant In Cincinnati!!! They Also Have The BEST salsa In Town By A LONG shot. - 7/12/2023 
Kathy Earls AvatarKathy Earls
Food and service excellent. Never disappoints! Definitely be back. One of our regulars. - 7/12/2023 
DeAnn Tedesco AvatarDeAnn Tedesco
Food was amazing! If it wasn't for it looking so nice, I would want to say it was a hole in the wall great find!!! Who would have thought it was in Lawrenceburg??? 👍 Great job folks! Kid-friendliness: Lids on cups, they are kind to the children. - 7/11/2023 
Roy Staggs AvatarRoy Staggs
Good hot food, fast service. Reasonable prices. Great for the family. - 7/09/2023 
Glen Mathes AvatarGlen Mathes
The Food was good and you get your money's worth - 7/05/2023 
Richard Rudisill AvatarRichard Rudisill
Great food ! All the time - 7/05/2023 
Joe Mangan AvatarJoe Mangan
My roommate asked for a burrito with extra refried beans on the side and this was what he got. We thought it was hilarious, so we said nothing and he ate it anyway xD Is a really good restaurant tho! - 7/03/2023 
Rick Ellison AvatarRick Ellison
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Cincinnati area. They have it all: great food, great service, great atmosphere. Try the Pollo Loco: chicken breast covered with sautéed mushrooms and onions on a bed of rice with a cheesy sauce. - 7/02/2023 
C Brewer AvatarC Brewer
Went for the first time today for lunch and was very impressed the classic Chimichangas were amazing & the prices are cheap n service was nice an fast! - 7/01/2023 
Jeff Chambers AvatarJeff Chambers
A bit cramped, but consistently good food and great service - 6/24/2023 
Dzoul Marshal AvatarDzoul Marshal
Love eating here - 6/24/2023 
Nina Koch AvatarNina Koch
Celebrated my mothers 80th birthday here today. The food and service were outstanding and they went out of the way to make it a special occasion. - 6/19/2023 
Frank Raglin AvatarFrank Raglin
Very good - 6/19/2023 
Morgan Hughes AvatarMorgan Hughes
The food was delicious and the service was SO fast! - 6/18/2023 
Bradley Hudgins AvatarBradley Hudgins
Great service - 6/15/2023 
Ashley C AvatarAshley C
Such a cute hole in the wall place! We were at Kings Island and searched for best restaurants around when we found Acapulco. I'm so glad we went because it was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had! Our meals were so delicious and the employees were incredibly sweet. Would definitely recommend a visit!! - 6/14/2023 
troy purdin Avatartroy purdin
Always good food and a great atmosphere. - 6/13/2023 
Dwight Dowson AvatarDwight Dowson
Excellent Cuisine - 6/13/2023 
Billie W AvatarBillie W
Stopped while traveling for a late lunch early dinner (315ish) food was very good and quick. We ordered 3 adult meals and 2 kids meals. Portions were a fair amount with decent prices. Ground beef for burritos was seasoned well. The food was not greasy. Salsa was very good with a medium heat but FYI had a fair amount of cilantro. Kid-friendliness: 12 and under menu - 6/11/2023 
Draggie The Goth Prophet AvatarDraggie The Goth Prophet
Always good, always yummy - 6/11/2023 
Donna Templeton AvatarDonna Templeton
Love this place! Always good food, big portions and outstanding service! - 6/10/2023 
Tony Kiser AvatarTony Kiser
Always a pleasure to eat here. Great customer service great food and 🍸 - 6/10/2023 
Kristine S AvatarKristine S
I’ve been coming here almost monthly for years and have never had a bad experience! Well made drinks, great food, and fun atmosphere. Arlette is the sweetest! Best Mexican restaurant around! - 6/09/2023 
Steve Gibson AvatarSteve Gibson
The best Mexican restaurant I know of ANYWHERE. Best service Kid-friendliness: Kids love Acapulco. Acapulco loves kids. Even Eddie's kids. Acoustics are good. Parking: Parking lot at front door w/ handicap spots. Total spots about 200 Wheelchair accessibility: ADA compliant. Ready to serve. - 6/07/2023 
Brian Feckter AvatarBrian Feckter
Food was excellent and the service was even better. - 6/07/2023 
Nikk Wortham AvatarNikk Wortham
First time here. The Arroz con Marisco was wonderful. Nice large portions. If I am ever in the area again, I would not hesitate to stop in again. - 6/06/2023 
Matthew G AvatarMatthew G
I can only reiterate what other positive reviews have stated. Good amount of excellent food served up fast with great service. Not a single bad thing to say about my experience. The frozen margarita I had to go wasn't too shabby either. 🙂 - 6/05/2023 
James Jones AvatarJames Jones
Authentic Mexican food would definitely recommend - 6/03/2023 
Dylan Smith AvatarDylan Smith
Probably the best tacos I've ever had, and I've ate at alot of taco places, and their spicy salsa is - 6/02/2023 
jɜr Avatarjɜr
Food came out so fast It was good! The waiters and waitresses were awesome ! - 6/01/2023 
Dionne Gehrum AvatarDionne Gehrum
Delicious food with a nice atmosphere - 5/29/2023 
Mike Zink AvatarMike Zink
Food was great and service was better! Fast, clean, and reasonably priced. - 5/27/2023 
Nola White AvatarNola White
Awesome service - 5/26/2023 
todd rider Avatartodd rider
I cannot recommend this place any higher than 5 stars which is really a shame because they deserve more! I have been so happy with every meal I've had at this location. None better for my money in this region. Had a company lunch for 7 people, they got order perfect and marked well. - 5/25/2023 
Aleksandr Tide AvatarAleksandr Tide
Delicious, cheap, what else would you need? - 5/23/2023 
David Beckwith AvatarDavid Beckwith
My son said it was the best arroz con pollo ever. The street tacos were really good and stuffed full of meat. - 5/21/2023 
Kelli Sprowls AvatarKelli Sprowls
Every time I come here I am impressed with how friendly the staff is. The food is always excellent, and I have trouble figuring out what to order just because I know it's all so good. Also, the service is always fast. One of my favorite places to eat. - 5/20/2023 
moe Avatarmoe
Returned last night for my 2nd visit ever because now I crave the Quesadilla Acapulco. It’s huge and delicious! My dinner date had the Burrito California - very yummy. And the service is attentive and friendly! - 5/20/2023 
Jim Liming AvatarJim Liming
Very good place to eat - 5/20/2023 
Lisa Lanier AvatarLisa Lanier
Very nice ppl - 5/20/2023 
Jim Gibbs AvatarJim Gibbs
Always good food and service! - 5/18/2023 
Rob White AvatarRob White
My Favorite Mexican Restaurant! - 5/17/2023 
David Anaya AvatarDavid Anaya
First time and will not be the last. The food was very good and the margarita was great. - 5/16/2023 
John Joseph AvatarJohn Joseph
The best Mexican in Ohio! - 5/16/2023 
Candi Moore AvatarCandi Moore
I cannot recommend this place any higher than 5 stars which is really a shame because they deserve more! I have been so happy with every meal I've had at this location. None better for my money in this region. - 5/15/2023 
Mark Sholler AvatarMark Sholler
Great food and great service - 5/15/2023 
Mike Trusty AvatarMike Trusty
Great place - 5/15/2023 
C M AvatarC M
I would skip the margaritas because they were SUPER weak. Pretty sure it was just a slushy and my kid could have drank it lol. The food was delicious though! - 5/14/2023 
Lisa Short AvatarLisa Short
When we went it was a Friday night they were alittle busy but our food was brought out in a timely manner we he had great service - 5/14/2023 
Shawn Lightner AvatarShawn Lightner
Friendly, fast and always delicious! You can't beat an $8.50 steak fajitas for lunch on a Monday! - 5/10/2023 
Pablo Quintana AvatarPablo Quintana
Excelente comida, con personal muy amable - 5/10/2023 
Peter Chadwick AvatarPeter Chadwick
Always fresh, hot and quick with lunch specials to consider - 5/08/2023 
Santos ZELIKA AvatarSantos ZELIKA
Just said sooo good 👍 - 5/08/2023 
Kelly Mansu AvatarKelly Mansu
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant ever! The food is delicious, the service is excellent, and the drinks are amazing! - 5/05/2023 
Chris McFarland AvatarChris McFarland
Great Mexican food, good service, good atmosphere. - 5/02/2023 
Rita Ludwig Winkler AvatarRita Ludwig Winkler
Great food! Clean place! Great place to eat - 5/01/2023 
Ray DeVite AvatarRay DeVite
Best fresh salsa in the Dayton region! Great value and great food! - 4/30/2023 
Cara Kouse AvatarCara Kouse
I always enjoy eating here. The service is fast and great. The food is absolutely the best. This is not your typical American Mexican restaurant. Everything is so much better from the menu offerings to the ingredients to the taste, it is hands down the best! Vegetarian options: They have a great selection of vegetarian options and their veggie tacos are amazing. - 4/28/2023 
jazzmen colbert Avatarjazzmen colbert
Absolutely love this place! Best taco salads! - 4/24/2023 
Russell Hahn AvatarRussell Hahn
I love going here for lunch. The food here is on par if not better than most of the other Mexican chains. What I like most about Acapulco is that they have many lunch specials that come with both rice and beans. A lot of places it's an either/or. My favorite is the Pollo California lunch. They also have plenty of parking and tables for parties of 5 or more. - 4/16/2023 
Jamie Jenkins AvatarJamie Jenkins
The best Mexican restaurant around. The service is great and fast. The pineapple Margaritas are great. Love the house made guacamole is so good. - 4/16/2023 
Kirk Foster AvatarKirk Foster
Always a great meal at a good price. Never been disappointed. Great service, and fast. - 4/16/2023 
Bob Schwab AvatarBob Schwab
Very attentive staff. The food is very good! Presentation is good as well. - 4/16/2023 
Jessica Lowe AvatarJessica Lowe
Delicious! - 4/12/2023 
Miguel Sánchez-Ávila AvatarMiguel Sánchez-Ávila
A lot of food and really delicious! - 4/10/2023 
Jerry Gilbert AvatarJerry Gilbert
Very friendly people - 4/09/2023 
Chris Daniels AvatarChris Daniels
Food was great! - 4/08/2023 
Brian Hawkins AvatarBrian Hawkins
I can't say enough good things about this wonderful place. It may not be the fanciest, but you won't find better Mexican food anywhere else, not in Texas, and not even in Mexico itself. My wife and I, dine here once, sometimes twice a week. Vegetarian options: My wife loves their vegetarian options. - 4/05/2023 
scott wuest Avatarscott wuest
Went after church on a Sunday afternoon. Free chips and salsa. Tasty traditional margaritas with just the right hint of tequila. The chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas were nicely seasoned. Service was prompt and friendly. - 4/02/2023 
Theresa Shoats AvatarTheresa Shoats
Top quality service and food. The owner takes great care to make everyone feel welcome. Also, Alcapulco salsa is the best in the area! Vegetarian options: Plenty to choose from Parking: Large parking lot - 4/02/2023 
Heather Wyatt AvatarHeather Wyatt
Always a great experience here! Never a disappointment when it comes to service or the food! Great atmosphere, and super friendly staff! - 3/29/2023 
jacob poling Avatarjacob poling
Love the food and the people here. Keep up the good work guys. - 3/29/2023 
Council Construction AvatarCouncil Construction
Great food been going there since they was in the 1st floor of the motel on 42. A restaurant that keeps my business for 15 plus years is somewhere everyone wants to check out! - 3/25/2023 
Jeanne Bobo AvatarJeanne Bobo
I took a friend who had never been there before. She really liked the food and we both had fajitas. Till next time. - 3/23/2023 
Sondra Moorman AvatarSondra Moorman
Excellent, food service and amt of $$ for food. - 3/23/2023 
Melanie Veal AvatarMelanie Veal
I took a friend and we both ordered the Burrito Patron. Very large portion, couldn't eat it all despite trying, it's soooooo good. - 3/22/2023 
Evy G AvatarEvy G
Los tacos estaban deliciosos, jugositos y la ensalada estuvo muy buena y despachada. Recomendado para ir a lonchar y con precios modicos 👍 - 3/21/2023 
Jm Hh AvatarJm Hh
Awesome food and service 👍👍 - 3/21/2023 
Carrie White AvatarCarrie White
I love Acapulco! They have fantastic service and are always polite! Every Friday night is Acapulco night, so I can get my delicious mango margarita! Thanks Acapulco for all you do and my family and friends will always be back! Carrie - 3/20/2023 
Chad Kerkhoff AvatarChad Kerkhoff
Fav spot - 3/20/2023 
Kathy Wheeler-Deep AvatarKathy Wheeler-Deep
The food was good, warm and delivered to the table quickly and the service was right on, being quick and observant. The atmosphere was too crowded and loud! I'm all for them making money, but we could barely hear those next to us at our table, let alone the farthest away from the one talking. If not for that, I would give all fives!! - 3/19/2023 
lloyd van sciver Avatarlloyd van sciver
truly authentic taste. prices are very good. I reccomend and will be back - 3/10/2023 
Brandon Phillips AvatarBrandon Phillips
Always great food and great service - 3/09/2023 
Austin Papalios AvatarAustin Papalios
Best Mexican restaurant in the 937 food is straight fire the people there are great very friendly and do their job exceptionally well. Everything about the place is great i’d go there everyday if i could. - 3/07/2023 
melony bradford Avatarmelony bradford
Great service. Chips and salsa very good. I had beef chimichanga...very tasty. - 3/07/2023 
D Harrison AvatarD Harrison
Been awhile but great food and service was excellent. - 3/07/2023 
Ron Johnson (BigRon3400) AvatarRon Johnson (BigRon3400)
Amazing service and food. I’ll definitely be back when I’m in there area. - 3/06/2023 
jennifer houdeshell Avatarjennifer houdeshell
Fun place! Louis was our waiter and he was spectacular....we had so much food and fun. The margaritas were also really good🍹 - 3/03/2023 
Denise Violet AvatarDenise Violet
The food is Amazing. Staff is very friendly and fast. Best Margarita around! Portions are huge. - 2/27/2023 
Candice AvatarCandice
A cute little Mexican restaurant. The food and service were great! - 2/27/2023 
Heather Kelley AvatarHeather Kelley
Very prompt and polite service. The food portions are huge. Made two meals with my quesadilla ranchero. Salsa is fantastic! - 2/24/2023 
sue signs Avatarsue signs
First time here and it was very delicious. The portion sizes were big. The food was hot . - 2/23/2023 
Thomas Holmes AvatarThomas Holmes
Very good Mexican food. - 2/23/2023 
ShadowHokage 2000 AvatarShadowHokage 2000
Amazing food and great service. Very friendly staff and great environment. Also very clean. - 2/19/2023 
Melisa Miller AvatarMelisa Miller
Always a great meal. Best margaritas!! - 2/18/2023 
Alina Newman AvatarAlina Newman
One of my favorite Mexican restaurant. All the food is fresh and really good. Everyone working there is friendly and professional. I always have a great experience, I truly recommend it. - 2/17/2023 
Jaye Krauss AvatarJaye Krauss
Food was great - 2/17/2023 
Lonnie Roberts AvatarLonnie Roberts
We weren't expecting much. We were extremely impressed. Food was great! Service was great! It will be a must stop when we're in town. - 2/15/2023 
josh smith Avatarjosh smith
Awesome Mexican spot - 2/15/2023 
M Peacock AvatarM Peacock
Our group of 7 was given an experienced server. Food order was perfect. Drinks were replenished as needed. We played the trivia game as a group with other diners. Fun night. Thank you for feeding us tonight. - 2/14/2023 
Katie Suttles AvatarKatie Suttles
Food was great. Service was fast - 2/14/2023 
Ariel Lewis AvatarAriel Lewis
Food and service is amazing - 2/13/2023 
Angel Thompson AvatarAngel Thompson
Friendly place with great staff and food!! - 2/09/2023 
Marrisa Bonham AvatarMarrisa Bonham
Good food, good service. - 2/09/2023 
Rachel McCaffrey AvatarRachel McCaffrey
Very quick and one of the best chimichangas ever! - 2/07/2023 
James Mangham AvatarJames Mangham
Love this place enjoy the food and drinks and they are very friendly. - 2/06/2023 
Deborah Ehrman AvatarDeborah Ehrman
Visited for lunch here, the food was excellent, the staff had excellent service and great recommendations. Definitely recommend! - 2/05/2023 
Jen DeBard AvatarJen DeBard
I had the quesadilla de fajita and it was delicious! Paired great with the modello I had to drink. - 2/05/2023 
Jay DeBard AvatarJay DeBard
Great food and service. - 2/05/2023 
Pete Cooke AvatarPete Cooke
Very good and quick - 2/05/2023 
Myles Awai AvatarMyles Awai
Everything was great. Service is top notch and food is delicious, including the salsa. Guacamole I could have lived without, but it was still good nonetheless. - 2/03/2023 
Gimme Another Orchid AvatarGimme Another Orchid
Always good - 1/31/2023 
QIS Services AvatarQIS Services
The best Mexican food in town! Large servings. Great value. The sizzling fajitas are the best! We visit this restaurant a lot. This will always be one of our regular spots to dine. Good customer service! - 1/30/2023 
Kati Lay AvatarKati Lay
Always great food and great service! Their margaritas are amazing. - 1/29/2023 
Travis G AvatarTravis G
We love it here! They have a very welcoming atmosphere with delicious food! We've never had a bad meal here. - 1/28/2023 
Aaron Lyle AvatarAaron Lyle
This is my favorite spot for mexican. Good food and great service. Vegetarian options: Good selection - 1/28/2023 
Brian Strom AvatarBrian Strom
I love the food at Acapulco. Good service. The chicken nachos are great. - 1/27/2023 
Tony Williams AvatarTony Williams
Food is always Awesome, along with Service!! - 1/27/2023 
rachelle hamon Avatarrachelle hamon
Friendliest staff I've ever met they are all smiling all in nice clothes the restaurant is very clean but I've only picked up there never ate there - 1/26/2023 
Morgan Patton AvatarMorgan Patton
Food is delicious, and all the employees are very friendly and attentive. Prices are great as well. - 1/26/2023 
Bea Ward AvatarBea Ward
Delicious food comfortable environment clean exceptionally good service - 1/26/2023 
Katie Dudek AvatarKatie Dudek
The best salsa I have ever had in my life! We love Mexican food and always enjoy trying new places. If you are from the area, passing through or even near, you definitely need to stop by! All our food was delicious, we had burritos, cheesy sausage dip, enchiladas, and lunch specials! Kind and fast service! Absolutely recommend! - 1/21/2023 
scott B Avatarscott B
Best Mexican restaurant in the area. - 1/21/2023 
Jason Burns AvatarJason Burns
Best Mexican food I ever had. - 1/20/2023 
S. Philosophy AvatarS. Philosophy
Good food, - 1/14/2023 
Marquirita we're amazing, food was delicious. Service was excellent. People were very friendly. - 1/12/2023 
Chris Thayer AvatarChris Thayer
Amazing Mexican food! Great service, great place. Highly recommend:) - 1/12/2023 
darrell hunter Avatardarrell hunter
Excellent food 😋 - 1/06/2023 
Jane Ulrick AvatarJane Ulrick
Good food. A friendly and comfortable neighborhood restaurant. - 1/04/2023 
jennifer lunsford Avatarjennifer lunsford
I love Acapulco ❤ best service in town - 1/04/2023 
Sarah Griffith AvatarSarah Griffith
Salsa is good most of the time. - 1/04/2023 
Pam Proctor AvatarPam Proctor
Good food and great service - 1/04/2023 
Robin Bedwell AvatarRobin Bedwell
Always great! - 1/04/2023 
Cherie Piggott AvatarCherie Piggott
The atmosphere is very welcoming. The service and food are to die for. The frozen margaritas are banging. It's my favorite place to eat!! Parking: Unlimited space for parking. Wheelchair accessibility: There is a ramp making it wheelchair accessible. - 1/03/2023 
Patty Betz AvatarPatty Betz
Best place around Fairfield, Hamilton, oxford... worth the drive..owner is awesome - 1/03/2023 
shrews48 Avatarshrews48
Great food, friendly staff, food was hot, reasonable prices! Check them out! - 1/03/2023 
Ronaldleiu Morataya AvatarRonaldleiu Morataya
👍👌👍👌 - 1/03/2023 
Lil Brady AvatarLil Brady
Ate there 2 nights in a row this week. Always good food and great service. - 1/02/2023 
Bonnie Williams AvatarBonnie Williams
The food and staff are amazing! - 1/01/2023 
Krystal Christ AvatarKrystal Christ
Out waiter was awesome! I'm bad with names but he was very friendly and had no problem kidding and joking around with us. My cousin even bonked him on the head with an empty to go container. I love your shirts and had to buy one. Food was awesome!!! Thank you for helping us have a great time! - 12/04/2022 
Kevin Karns AvatarKevin Karns
OMG!! What a great restaurant! We were cruising down US-50 when google steered us here. Food was served up really fast … like they knew what we wanted before we walked in! The steak fajitas were really tender and delicious. I’m from New Mexico and trust me … the food here is legit!! - 12/04/2022 
Kristi M. AvatarKristi M.
Luis is an excellent server and wonderful person. He made our experience enjoyable. The food was served quick, hot, and fresh. Thank you! - 12/04/2022 
Joan Williams AvatarJoan Williams
Best Mexican food anywhere. - 12/04/2022 
Michael Sanders AvatarMichael Sanders
Great food and location - 12/04/2022 
Roberta McGranahan AvatarRoberta McGranahan
Kelly is the best - 12/04/2022 
Preflight Drip86 AvatarPreflight Drip86
It's a nice Mexican restaurant. The food is very good, very flavorful and fair portions. The service is very nice and fairly quick. Great place to sit down, talk and have a good meal. It's a shame it's not closer to my home so I could go more often. - 12/03/2022 
Keith ODay AvatarKeith ODay
Excellent authentic Mexican food served here. I have been eating here for about 12 years now. Food is always great, portions are large and prices are reasonable. I have never been disappointed eating here. I recommend the Quesadilla Acapulco. - 12/03/2022 
Coryn Henson AvatarCoryn Henson
Every time I come here I am so happy. My husband and I used to come here every week. Lately we’ve been saving money by not eating out as much, but we still crave the food and are so happy when we get to come back. Great service too! - 12/03/2022 
David Rice AvatarDavid Rice
When you order a chimichanga, you actually get one!!!! Deep fried in all its glory!!!! I have an Aculpocos right by me, and I choose to drive 30 minutes to this location when I went Mexican. - 12/03/2022 
John Osborne AvatarJohn Osborne
Been going here for many many years. The food is some of the best I have had in all my travels. The staff is outstanding. The food great. What else do you need to know? 🙂 - 12/03/2022 
Ilya Pluzhnikov AvatarIlya Pluzhnikov
This place is very cozy and with good service. The good is delicious and just amazing! - 12/03/2022 
J Z AvatarJ Z
They always do a great job here. You won't be disappointed. - 12/03/2022 
Patrick noone AvatarPatrick noone
Great Food and drinks at great prices - 12/03/2022 
Johan Aquino AvatarJohan Aquino
Food,and service were both great!!! - 12/03/2022 
Sheila Hodge AvatarSheila Hodge
Excellent food and prices - 12/03/2022 
Steven Hazen AvatarSteven Hazen
Lots of fun. Good vibes. - 12/03/2022 
Leonardo Brown AvatarLeonardo Brown
Very nice people. - 12/03/2022 
Regena List AvatarRegena List
I fell in love with this place when it was still located on U.S. 42. The food, the atmosphere, and memories. - 12/02/2022 
Sarah Shaw AvatarSarah Shaw
Always yummy ! This time got the California burrito and the Acapulco taco salad! Everything was delicious - 12/02/2022 
Brandon Blandford AvatarBrandon Blandford
Amazing food! Great prices! Friendly staff! Was phenomenal - 12/02/2022 
Kitty Allen AvatarKitty Allen
Wheelchair accessibility: Just for asking for a separate salsa bowl i was charged. Most people double dip and i think this was not necessary . - 11/04/2022 
Toby McClain AvatarToby McClain
Very good tasting food. I'm from Texas and was surprised to find such great Mexican food this far from the border! - 11/04/2022 
Kiva Small AvatarKiva Small
The service was insanely fast, our waitress was delightful, and the food was incredible. Would recommend 100%! - 11/04/2022 
Matthew Davidson AvatarMatthew Davidson
The Supreme nachos are delicious. The Sangria Margarita is a must try. - 11/04/2022 
Missy Baldwin AvatarMissy Baldwin
Food is always excellent and you can eat outside which is nice.. - 11/04/2022 
John Lippencott AvatarJohn Lippencott
Friendly staff and great food - 11/04/2022 
Jay Arroyo AvatarJay Arroyo
Phenomenal food and service. - 11/04/2022 
Jared Craig AvatarJared Craig
Great food - 11/04/2022 
Pamala Smith AvatarPamala Smith
Always a great visit to eat. My recent favorite is their vegetarian street tacos and I am not even vegetarian. Lots of flavor and filling. The service, food quality, and atmosphere is always top notch! - 11/03/2022 
lenard smith Avatarlenard smith
This is one of my favorite places to eat & 🍻 Parking: Parking is great . There is a large parking lot for other businesses too . - 11/03/2022 
Bruce Simpson AvatarBruce Simpson
Really delicious food, and service was great. Kid-friendliness: Great kudos atmosphere. Parking: Plenty of parking - 11/03/2022 
Resistance Movement AvatarResistance Movement
Fantastic! Make sure to get the Burrito California! - 11/03/2022 
Jorge Daniel AvatarJorge Daniel
Awesome 👌 - 11/03/2022 
Rebecca Wilson AvatarRebecca Wilson
Very good food! Clean and nicely done. We were sat under a vent so we were cold and the service was a little slow but food is always delicious!!! Vegetarian options: They have a nice variety of vegetarian options Kid-friendliness: Kid options and accommodating for children Parking: Parking is fine, no issues - 11/02/2022 
shanika smith Avatarshanika smith
I travel for work and I can say this is the best Mexican restaurant I've visited. The food was hot and service was fast. I had no complaints. - 11/02/2022 
Joseph Eichhorn AvatarJoseph Eichhorn
One of the best restaurants.we.have been to In a long time. The wife and I were very happy. If you love good food you will love this place. - 11/02/2022 
Peggy Brockway AvatarPeggy Brockway
Good food and great service. - 11/02/2022 
Mark Wilsford AvatarMark Wilsford
Acapulco is the best Mexican restaurant you'll find in the Fairfield area. When my husband and I want Mexican, this is the first and only thought. The salsa is amazing, whether you like hot or mild, you'll find both are always fresh and spectacular. There isn't a dish on the menu that is bad, I've tried several and I've loved them all, but I have to say the street tacos are a particular favorite of mine! My in laws have a proud tradition of eating here and I fully intend... read more - 10/03/2022 
Ryan Isaacs (Frizzmack) AvatarRyan Isaacs (Frizzmack)
Food was great. Drinks were great. Staff was friendly. Overall it was a great time. Vegetarian options: Menu had a large selection. Didn't have one myself. - 10/03/2022 
Jesse Taylor AvatarJesse Taylor
Best Mexican food in town - 10/03/2022 
Allie M AvatarAllie M
Always delicious - 10/03/2022 
Irvin Marcial AvatarIrvin Marcial
Buen servicio - 10/03/2022 
Joani Kolb AvatarJoani Kolb
Fantastic! - 10/03/2022 
Tracy Brady AvatarTracy Brady
The best meal I've had in a long time in a Northern Kentucky restaurant. Service was exceptional, food was perfect. 5 plus stars! - 10/02/2022 
John Smither AvatarJohn Smither
Always good food and great margaritas. They have tons of flavors also. Highly recommend. - 10/02/2022 
shawn patrick Avatarshawn patrick
Always quick, hot and fresh. Always great service can't say enough about this place. - 10/02/2022 
Michael Janowski AvatarMichael Janowski
Great food, but the lunch menu item serving size has gotten smaller. - 10/02/2022 
Karalee Gross AvatarKaralee Gross
Delicious food. Great atmosphere. Good and friendly service. - 10/02/2022 
Greg Troy AvatarGreg Troy
Very good Mexican food. Staff is very friendly too. - 10/02/2022 
Kenny Rich AvatarKenny Rich
Good service. Good food. I would recommend this spot to friends and family. -Kenny Rich, Flowery Branch, Georgia - 9/04/2022 
Gina Kern AvatarGina Kern
Been here many times, service is always prompt and friendly, and we love the food! Never had anything bad! - 9/04/2022 
John Keller AvatarJohn Keller
Authentic and delicious... Also very accommodating and respectful of vegetarians - 9/04/2022 
William Ashcraft AvatarWilliam Ashcraft
always fast friendly and good food!! - 9/04/2022 
terry mccabe Avatarterry mccabe
Good food,great service! - 9/04/2022 
Isaias olivier Luis Ramos AvatarIsaias olivier Luis Ramos
La comida está bien servicio rápido buen sazón típico de comida México américana Kid-friendliness: Ambiente familiar Parking: Esta en una plaza con a.plio estacionamiento - 9/03/2022 
rcb361 Avatarrcb361
Fast and attentive service. Food was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. - 9/03/2022 
Suzette Rappe AvatarSuzette Rappe
The chili Verde was so so good. The Acapulco with steak was also good. - 9/03/2022 
Christopher Walker AvatarChristopher Walker
Best Mexican restaurant anywhere in southwest Ohio. - 9/03/2022 
Karen Mienheartt AvatarKaren Mienheartt
Great food, great service, large portions!!! - 9/03/2022 
Luis Martinez AvatarLuis Martinez
Muy buena comida la atención es muy buena - 9/03/2022 
Joan Williams AvatarJoan Williams
Best Mexican food anywhere. - 9/03/2022 
Alexis AvatarAlexis
my family and i have been eating here for years and it is by far the best mexican restaurant in this area- and definitely the best we’ve ever been to. the staff is polite and well mannered and they serve delicious food that is made with love. - 9/02/2022 
NewPlanet AvatarNewPlanet
Deliciously consistent, and fairly cheap, Mexican food. Best in NKY! - 9/02/2022 
Dan Flanagan AvatarDan Flanagan
Food was spot on. Service was fantastic. Pricey but worth it. - 9/02/2022 
Vicki Jolena-Orthaus AvatarVicki Jolena-Orthaus
Delicious food and friendly wait staff. Love the guacamole! - 9/02/2022 
Brittany H. AvatarBrittany H.
5 star rating This place is amazing!!! I came here first looking for a new Mexican spot because I moved recently and I have no complaints. Fast service and very delicious food. - 9/01/2022 
Rob M. AvatarRob M.
5 star rating We have been going here for many years. They have consistently had great tasting food at reasonable prices. The service is always friendly. I would highly recommend. - 8/29/2022 
We are from Wisconsin, and everytime we are in the area for the Creation Museum ,we eat here. Excellent people, they're polite and fun!! Food was amazing!!! In my opinion the best Mexican food I've ever eaten. I highly recommend!! Speed of order was very fast, at a moderate busy time. Thank you amigos and amigas!!! Wayne - 8/04/2022 
Just Jim AvatarJust Jim
Friendly staff. Food always hot and fresh. Fast service. Very clean restaurant. Great lunch specials and great drink specials as well. - 8/04/2022 
Dan Engelhardt AvatarDan Engelhardt
Excellent service! Fantastic, authentic Mexican food!! Close to casino and more! - 8/04/2022 
Jeff Peelman AvatarJeff Peelman
Great food cold beer amazing service - 8/04/2022 
Gregg van Zyl AvatarGregg van Zyl
Friendly staff and amazing food. - 8/04/2022 
Danny Helton AvatarDanny Helton
Love the food and Margarita's - 8/04/2022 
Carl Miller AvatarCarl Miller
Food is excellent. I've never had a single item I wouldn't order again. Service is always fast and friendly. This is one of my go to lunch spots but is also great for dinner and margs! Parking: Parking is in a shared lot with many other businesses but signage is clear and easy to see. - 8/03/2022 
Shadows AvatarShadows
Food is really good, The taste is unique Really nice place to hang out with the family and friends - 8/03/2022 
Misty Moffitt AvatarMisty Moffitt
The best street tacos I've ever had. Service was fast and friendly. Highly recommend. - 8/03/2022 
Janet Williams AvatarJanet Williams
Our favorite place. Great food, excellent service. Reasonably priced. - 8/03/2022 
Rachel Asbury AvatarRachel Asbury
We had the best lunch ever and our waiter was awesome - 8/03/2022 
Julie Fatora AvatarJulie Fatora
Good! - 8/03/2022 
Rick Horn AvatarRick Horn
My son and his friends eat there on Thursdays. He has brought me back supposedly the same steak burrito order three times ($12). They were all excellent. The first was the best, a dry steak, green pepper and onion burrito with a side Mexican salad in a small edible bowl. There was always chips and salsa. Tonight the shredded beef steak, green pepper and onion burrito had a light Mexican cheese coating that created the most tasty gravy. No salad. I was still not disappointed. - 8/02/2022 
Steven Bustos AvatarSteven Bustos
Party of 7. We got seated quickly. They have several large tables for our size group. We went around 3pm so they weren't terribly busy. Anything steak is amazing at this place. Service could have addressed us a little quicker but friendly and we didn't want for anything. Absolutely make this a stop if your debating going to a Mexican restaurant. They also have some more authentic dishes. Crazy good Birria - 8/02/2022 
Silversun Empire AvatarSilversun Empire
The food is absolutely outstanding, it always tastes good. Hands down the best Mexican food in northern ky and most generally the state. Don’t miss out on a great dinner, stop here. Although they’ve changed their white cheese and I wish they would go back to the previous brand, everything is delicious - 8/02/2022